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Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions

What is Cupcake?

How do I use Cupcake?

Is Cupcake a mobile app or a desktop site?

Do I need to create an account or wallet to play the games?

What is ‘Sugar’?

How do I get more ‘Sugar’?

What is ‘Universal Baking Income’?

What is a ‘Proof of Cake’?

How do I get more POC?

Can I earn cryptocurrency by playing games on Cupcake?

How do I withdraw my PoC from Cupcake?

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Account & Settings

How do I create an account on Cupcake?

Can I change my username or profile picture?

What crypto wallets are able to connect to Cupcake?

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Games & Challenges

How many games are available on Cupcake?

Can I play the games on Cupcake on my mobile device and PC?

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Technical Support

Is Cupcake safe and secure?